48+ Gorgeous Diy Ideas For Hanging Shelves To Adorn Your Boring Walls

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Finding ways to utilize the space around a house or apartment should be at the forefront of every owner’s mind. One of the best ways to free up space in most rooms is by hanging shelves on the wall. Putting up shelves can make an area look neater while serving the function of keeping an area well organized. Shelves can be added to just about any room in the home so that items can be stored or displayed.

To begin, the process of hanging shelves on a wall is pretty simple and as such, is a job that even the novice handyman can accomplish. The first thing to do is to decide where the shelves are going to be hung in the perspective room. Find the studs, anchor the wall brackets to them making sure they are level, and screw the shelf on top. It is really just that simple to complete.

The most difficult part of the process is finding the studs in the wall. A stud, for beginners, is the wood frame behind the drywall or tile that serves as the basic support structure for the home. They actually make a nifty little gadget called a stud finder that finds the studs and beeps when it is over them. This can help someone not bang around the wall or miss a stud and have shelves fall out of the wall.

One of the best areas to hang shelves in the home is in the garage because this area is usually used for storage. Because the garage is used in this capacity, it can collect a variety of home improvement materials that can become easily misplaced. By putting shelves on the wall of a garage, homeowners can keep this area organized so they can find exactly what they are looking for when they need it.

Other rooms that can benefit from shelves being put up are family rooms and bathrooms. Of these rooms, bathroom shelves can keep the top of sinks clear from clutter but are usually smaller due to the limited space available. Family rooms can have shelves to display treasured family items like pictures, trophies, and diplomas.

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