44+ Beautiful Dining Room Chandelier Lighting Ideas

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When we think of chandeliers, the most common ones that we imagine are circular in shape with a glass ornament dangling from the metal frame. This is actually the normal chandelier we could find at home and the ones that are evident even from centuries ago. However, because of the ever changing innovation including that of home decor, we can now see chandeliers that have different styles and designs and one of the more daring ones available in the market today is the linear chandelier.

Based from the name, you pretty much have an idea of what a linear chandelier is. The light bulbs are held in place by arms (the bent metal extensions that serve as the bulb holder) placed in a linear ray. Yes, instead of the normal circular chandeliers, a linear one comes in one straight line.

Basically, the idea of the linear chandelier is perfect for homes who do not want to add too much intricacy to their home. Minimalistic designs benefit most from this recent innovation since most of the chandeliers from this specific type do not have too much fringes going on such as glass or crystal teardrops. The use is simple and basic – to give off light.

A linear chandelier either comes in just one line of lights or a pair of each. The light bulbs can either hang from an extended metal or it could rest on top of a metal arm. This type of chandelier is perfect for kitchens, dining rooms and study areas as it gives off enough light without too much light bulbs – definitely easy on the pocket.

However, do not expect light prisms to dance in your living room because it usually does not come with glass or crystals that refract light. Despite this, a linear chandelier is definitely a good option if you want to have sufficient light without sacrificing style.

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